A History of Time Keeping Part II – Tracking the Minutes

A pendulum clock with punch cards

These days most businesses use an online time tracking software which stores and records the click of a button at a specific time.

In recent years, a time clock would have been an automated system using swipe cards, badges, or biometric data like fingerprints to record time in and out from work.

Long ago – and some of us even remember the days – a time clock was a large machine that stamped the time in and the time out on thick paper cards.

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A History of Time Keeping Part I – Harnessing the Hour

Humans have sought to track the passing of the seasons, the days, and hours since before recorded history began. From at least 3500BC the ancient Egyptians made use of timekeeping devices. At first, the sun and moon provided reference by way of its placement in the sky. Anyone who has tried to tell the time that way, or wanted to use the sun’s position as a reference for a meeting, knows that the method has its limitations. Hence, timekeeping inventions progressed over the centuries until finally culminating in the most accurate timekeeping imaginable, the atomic clock.
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