Required Employee Training Online Tracking

Contributed by Danielle Feiger, Senior Sales Manager at

There are many reasons and instances in which a business would need to track employee training.  Many times, employees need to maintain training to stay up-to-date on changes in their industry or require it for their profession. If you’re tracking your employees’ time online, you should track their training online, too.
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Understanding the Accruals Cap

Accruals setupMany companies put a limit on accumulated vacation hours, and for good reason. A few years back there was an interesting case that highlights the trouble a company could get into without it.

A Nebraska County employee, Dick Kincaid, had accumulated 688 vacation hours over 30 years. That would amount to a huge payout upon termination of employment or over 17 weeks of vacation if he had decided to take the time off. He didn’t, however, and he was eventually fired for it.
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Security In Online Time Tracking

Security shield

  • “How do I know my employees won’t clock in from home?”
  • “What if employees share passwords and clock in for each other?”
  • “What if my mobile employees clock in from their phones before they reach the job site?”

Employers who are curious about switching to online time tracking wonder about these things. They are all valid questions. The internet can be accessed from anywhere so it makes sense that employers would be concerned that employees could clock in from anywhere too.
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Supervisor Approvals for Timesheet Hours

Approved recordsMulti-level organizations often require that supervisors review data before sending it up the ladder to be reviewed by higher management. This generally takes place in larger companies. Most small companies don’t require this.

Our time tracking software has the approval/review process built right into the software. This eliminates the need for a paper trail and ensures that higher management is properly informed that the review has taken place. Supervisors can review both hourly time for payroll and project time for billing and mark all or some records approved.
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Check Timecards for Mistakes!

Time card with errorsI talk a whole lot on this blog about making sure you don’t short your employees their due overtime. First, it’s not fair to employees and, second, wage and hour lawsuits are expensive!

This is all very important but the opposite concern also happens a lot: overpaying employees.
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Pay Period Versus Work Week and How It Relates to Overtime

CalendarOccasionally, we hear from customers who want to know why an employee has overtime on his Pay Period Report but does not appear to have overtime on his timecard. Under normal circumstances the two would match but given the right mix of conditions they sometimes don’t. Today I am going to explain why that is and what you can do to avoid it.
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Time Tacking for Insurance Agents

Insurance agentInsurance agents have some very specific needs for monitoring employees. First of all, they usually run very small offices with anywhere from 2 to 15 employees, and so they need a system that is intuitive and affordable. They typically don’t have HR departments and usually don’t have the resources to outsource, and so require some kind of informal HR tracking. While they try to keep their offices as friendly and family-like as possible, they sometimes feel concerned that they are paying some employees for hours they don’t actually work and need some way to protect against that.
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