Early Employees As Costly As Late Ones

Hourglass time dollarsWe hear a lot about employee absenteeism. It can have a really negative impact on a business. Stores don’t open on time, customers don’t get the help they need, and since other employees have to bear the weight of it even their productivity suffers.

Absenteeism is definitely bad for business but so is prematurism (what would you call that anyway?), or in other words, early clock-in.

Managers carefully schedule coverage so there are never too many or too few employees. And so when an employee comes in early, someone ends up standing around wasting time. All that wasted time adds up and costs the company quite a bit of change. Let’s take a look at the numbers.
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Try Our New Employee Scheduling Feature!

In March we asked for feedback before going live with our new scheduling feature and now it’s live (updated November 2014). It’s still in beta and we’re still interested in feedback. Let us know if you want a tour!