Top 5 Ways Spammers Get Your Email Address and What to Do About It

email address bookContributed by Joel Slatis, president of

Regardless of whether you ever showed an interest in the topic and regardless of whether you even use your email address, spam will almost certainly find its way in. Most of the spam you get is irrelevant to you but so is most of the advertising you see each day. And that’s just what it is – advertising.
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How Marketing Has Changed

Have you ever thought about doing a viral video to market your business? Here’s a great example of a well done, albeit high-budget, viral video. We thought this was pretty clever and funny and wanted to pass it on.

In addition to employee management, marketing is an important part of a business’ success. With so much competition these days, people have to get pretty creative with their online marketing efforts to find a way to stand out among all of the noise. Marketing isn’t all about ads anymore, it’s about creative content like blogs, videos, and social media.

marketing video

How To Make a Great How-To Video

how to videos

Small business owners make how-to videos to demo their products. Artisans make them to show off their skills. And lay people make how-to videos out of a passion for sharing their knowledge. But before you break out the camcorder, take a moment to read the following tips. A little preparation can mean the difference between a mediocre how-to video and a stellar one.
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Saving Time and Money with the Right Website Developer

Guest post by: Fred J. Cohen

We’ve all heard the saying, “time is money” and for busy professionals like attorneys and accountants, juggling overloaded schedules filled with client meetings, court dates and administrative tasks, this is an undeniable reality.  Many professionals, struggle to find the perfect balance between billable work and non-billable tasks like marketing which can require a great deal of time and resources.

To help reduce the amount of time needed for a successful marketing campaign, it’s important that firms work with marketing experts who understand their specific industries. This is especially important when it comes to selecting a website development team as the site should serve as the cornerstone of the firm’s online marketing campaign and must be continuously updated as the practice grows and evolves.

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How to Write a Good Blog Post on a Boring Topic

Up on Successful Blogging today is a guest post of ours that could prove very useful for small business owners – the bulk of our customers.

The blog post is about the art of writing articles on not so glamorous topics and the usefulness of maintaining a business blog.

It’s all about helping out the customer. When your customers succeed so does your business!

Offering knowledge in the form of blog posts and articles helps business!

Re-sellers and Affiliates – We’ll Be at the ITLMA Conference in Las Vegas

We are going to Vegas this week for the only exposition dedicated to Time and Attendance. This is the place where we get to share our expertise with others in the field, learning and growing with affiliates and resellers.

Our software has become so popular, in the last two years our customer base has more than doubled!

We’re an easy sell
Resellers love to sell our intuitive, comprehensive software because it makes them look good to their customers. Offering a good product is tantamount to a reseller’s own reputation and we do a great job at maintaining that reputation.

Our software design includes a simple interface with added security features, overtime controls, plus accruals and expense tracking. It is the most comprehensive and easy to use software of  its kind.

Our customer service is friendly, local, and knowledgeable. We don’t outsource to call centers. Our agents know the software and the company well enough to sell it and troubleshoot concerns.

If you are a reseller attending the conference come find our both on Friday. Even if you won’t be at the convention in Vegas but would like the opportunity to resell our service, drop us a note and we’ll show you how to get set up.

We offer attractive affiliate incentives and an easy to use affiliate interface.

ITLMA Conference in Las Vegas