Time Tracking With Geolocation (GPS)

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Many employers want to track the location of their employees. Depending on the type of employee, there are two ways to do this.

  • For office employees, you just want to make sure they’re clocking in from authorized IP addresses (i.e. your office building). Restricting clock in/out to specific IP addresses ensures that employees are on site and not on the road somewhere.
  • For mobile employees, you want to track their location when they clock in and out outside of the office where there may be no static IP address. You can do this with geolocation tracking (otherwise known as GPS tracking). Construction workers might use this feature when they clock in and out at a job site. In-home nurses might use this when they clock in and out from a client’s home. There are all sorts of employees that don’t work in offices that would benefit from this feature.

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