Ruby Tuesday Pays Big for Meal Break Violations

It’s always sad to see companies guilty of labor law violations, for one because workers rights are so important and two because the violations can be easily avoided.

Ruby Tuesday Investigation

The Attorney General’s Fair Labor Division launched an investigation of Ruby Tuesday’s labor law practices. Ruby Tuesday was found out of compliance with both the length of shifts of school aged teenagers as well as meal breaks for employees working more than 6 hours.

Ruby Tuesday was found guilty of these violations and will have to pay a $33,000 penalty for meal break law violations, plus an additional $125,000 for the child labor violations.
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National Labor Relations Act Compliance

On April 30th of this year businesses must be compliant with the new National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) by posting the new posters.

Failure to do so does not necessarily result in a violation. However, if the employer “knowingly and willfully fails to post the notice, that failure may be considered evidence of unlawful motive in an unfair labor practice case involving other alleged violations of the NLRA,” according to the NLRB’s FAQ on the ruling.

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Get Your Labor Law Posters Updated for the New Year

2012 brings new Labor Law Posters and we’re selling them! Businesses may also need to post the new Federal NLRA notice. Contact us if you would like to order the updated posters.

Many mandatory State changes have occurred for the 2012 year:

  • 2012 Minimum Wage Changes: Arizona, Colorado , Florida, Montana, Ohio, Oregon, and Vermont
  • New Jersey – Updated and added a new Record keeping Requirement Poster
  • Connecticut – is mandating a new Paid Sick Leave Poster available within a week.
  • California – Updated its Notice A, Notice B, and Discrimination Poster
  • Louisiana – Earned Income Tax Credit, but the poster isn’t ready yet.
  • Nevada – Discrimination Notice
  • Oklahoma – Workers’ Compensation

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