Psychology of the Office Space

Psychology of the Office SpaceSome newer entrants into the office space may think that open floor plans and collaborative areas have been the norm since the beginning of time. This, however, is simply not the case. The currently accepted norm of an office space’s construct encourages collaboration as well as private brainstorming free of distractions, but it is not a new concept; it’s just a new spin on a concept created by Frederick Taylor.
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What Is A Small Business?

When most people think of a small business, we think of the little mom and pop shops in our neighborhoods – the small coffee shops and restaurants nobody’s every heard of. We think of the specialty shops and high end stores that struggle to compete with the multinational retail corporations. We think of startups with 5 or 6 employees and local businesses providing everyday services.
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Hiring Your First Employee

Crossroads employee entrepreneurMost business owners dream big when they start their businesses. They dream of competing in the market, of providing a superior service, of helping others, of building and growing their dream, and making a great living. And so they dream of the day when they finally have the funds to hire. Hiring means growth and growth means success (in many cases).
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Self-awareness for Maximum Productivity

AwarenessThis guest post was contributed by Sharon Freeman who is a professional freelancer, writing about corporate training and coaching trends.

Even in the last days of his life, legendary management consultant Peter Drucker maintained that making knowledge workers productive is “the biggest of the 21st century management challenges.” He even warned that the “first survival requirement” of developed nations is to improve the productivity of knowledge workers.
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7 Important Tips For Any Employer Hiring Recent Graduates

This guest post was brought to you by Michael Klazema with

The next time your company has an open position, count how many applications you receive from recent college graduates. Chances are, the number you end up with will be quite sizable, a sign of just how many young people are currently looking to enter the job market for the first time. While some employers steer away from hiring this segment of the workforce, preferring to look for older applicants with more professional experience, human resources departments everywhere are starting to change their tune and take chances on younger and less proven workers.

This is a good decision.

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Business Math Series: Markup

PercentMarkup is the percent of increase in selling price from the original cost. Companies mark up products they sell in order to make money for their business. How much they mark up the products depends on many factors, including demand, whether the product is a luxury item, and so forth. Some items are marked up considerably. It’s hard to believe we pay what we do for common items.

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Ramen Profitability – The First Respite of a Startup

This is a guest post by Leana Thorne. Leana is an influential online presence in the world of business strategy and finance. She is currently writing on behalf of Corporate USB.

Ramen profitability is a relatively new term, used to describe the threshold that marks a startup’s ability to provide its founder with the most basic means of supporting him or herself. In other words, it marks the point at which the startup starts earning enough to cover the costs of operation and provide a salary for its one employee (the founder).
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