How to Keep Track of California Sick Days

Accruals tracking in Timesheets.comThe California paid sick leave requirement is here! While you should have been preparing for the new law since January, the law officially goes into effect today.

Starting today, employees in California who have worked more than 30 days are required to begin earning at least 24 hours of sick time per year, regardless of whether they work part time or full time.

Businesses need to keep accurate track of the time as it is used and accrued. That’s where our time tracking system can hep!

If you already have a PTO policy in effect, that’s fine, just make sure that employees earn at least 24 hours of sick time per year and that you are tracking the sick time separately. The law is trying to ensure that employee’s health needs are taken care of.

Setup Accruals Tracking

You can track your employee’s sick time using our system! Setup your sick time accruals in the following way:

  1. Click the employee’s name from the Dashboard
  2. Click the Options tab
  3. Scroll down to Section 5
  4. Select Once Yearly for your accrual rate
  5. Enter the hours to accrue per year
  6. Enter any current hours they may already have accrued this year

To learn about how the Cap works, read this post. There are a few different ideas for accruals caps and ours works in a specific way.

Run Reports

You might want to see how much sick time or other time off your employees have used for a specified time period. You can run Report #5 to see all of the hours your employee’s have used for a date range. You can quickly see what remains right on an employee’s time card.

Don’t forget that part of the mandate is that all employees receive a document with their paychecks stating the amount of sick time remaining. In our upcoming release, each employee will have their remaining balance listed on the Pay Period Report, making it easy to add the time to the paycheck stub.

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