WebEx WebOffice Discontinues Service

On November 30th, 2014 Cisco’s WebEx WebOffice will be discontinued. The company announced End of Sale last December and is set for End of Life next month.

“These products are being discontinued due to market demand, shifts in technology, and a change in focus and investment. There will not be a direct replacement for WebOffice and Workspace services within Cisco’s product portfolio. It is recommended that you consider alternative vendor solutions as early as possible.”

Replaced By Modern Technology

WebEx WebOffice is a somewhat dated online collaboration software, which allows members to share documents, host discussion groups, schedule events, and track their time online.

The service is being replaced by more innovative web-based solutions. For example, time tracking for billing and job costing cannot be accomplished with a simple punch clock. Additionally, employers have both mobile and office employees and need a punch clock to suit a mixed workforce. Discussion groups between employees are no longer held in forums but in virtual, face-to-face meetings like GotoMeeting and Join.me. And documents of all kinds can be shared through services like Evernote and are not restricted to text docs.

Welcome Over! We Won’t Leave You…

Our time tracking service is the perfect replacement for the time tracking side of Cisco’s offering. Our product is a robust combination of Hourly time tracking for payroll, Project time tracking for billing, and Expense tracking which can be linked to either or neither.

And you don’t have to worry about End Of Life ever again!

Timesheets.com is a stand alone product and not an add on to larger corporate offerings. We will not discontinue support and service because this is what we do!

Welcome over to Timesheets.com!

Give us a call and we will show you around and help you set up your new account.

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