Time Tacking for Insurance Agents

Insurance agentInsurance agents have some very specific needs for monitoring employees. First of all, they usually run very small offices with anywhere from 2 to 15 employees, and so they need a system that is intuitive and affordable. They typically don’t have HR departments and usually don’t have the resources to outsource, and so require some kind of informal HR tracking. While they try to keep their offices as friendly and family-like as possible, they sometimes feel concerned that they are paying some employees for hours they don’t actually work and need some way to protect against that.

Our software offers all of this and more. And if my saying so isn’t proof enough, the hundreds of insurance agents currently using our software should be! We have over a hundred State Farm agents signed up with our service and well over a hundred more agents with other companies. But I digress. Let’s get back to the specifics of what our software can offer an insurance agency.

How It Works

Employees login to Timesheets.com from their own workstations to track hours and time-off. They simply click the clock-in button and get to work! They can also make time-off requests right from their accounts and admins can compare their requests with other employees to avoid conflicts.

What It Offers

Since agents are often too busy to monitor the goings on in the office, settings can be enabled to restrict clock in/out from just approved locations. If you have multiple offices, simply enter all valid IP addresses. Employees will still be able to log in from locations outside of work to check their records, but they will not be able to clock in or out. If you suspect employees are clocking in for each other, you can use our Photo Timestamp option. When they clock in, the system will snap a photo and store it with the record.

Regular hours and overtime are calculated automatically on the Pay Period Report so that agents don’t have to waste their precious time adding up hours. The service even integrates with QuickBooks and other payroll services to minimize data entry.

Our system has extra features that some insurance offices might find useful. For example, most independent agents don’t have full HR departments – not even close right? – and so we offer a suite of HR templates that you can use to standardize the HR process. We offer a messaging system to facilitate office communication, and the software comes with project tracking and account codes to help with job costing and accountability.

We can help you track employee-generated expenses too like mileage and any purchases that employees make for the company.

Later this summer we will be releasing our new scheduling feature! Since many agencies employ part-timers, we expect this to be a very popular feature.

Of course, no one expects that a single office would use all of the features available, but the options are there to pick and choose from since every agent’s needs are different.

We help all new clients get their accounts set up to their liking. Please give us a call so that we can help you improve the efficiency of your office!

The admin's home page!
The admin’s home page!

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