How to Get Forgetful Employees to Remember to Clock In

remember string fingerWe recently started using a chat system on our website. Chat is great for our business because it gives us another avenue to connect with customers. Chat doesn’t get as busy as the phones do here and so we don’t have dedicated staff to answer them. Instead, several of us keep a chat window open on our browsers while we’re working and share the task of responding to the messages.

What does this have to do with clocking in and out online? It’s not much different actually. It’s a task that must be completed online before and after every shift and break. And it’s a new habit that employees have had to get into.

Our experience with the new system has lent some valuable insight into the difficulty of adopting a new procedure and we’ve come up with some solutions to resolve it.

Reminder Ideas

  • Post It Note Put a post it note on the monitor with a reminder to log into the system
  • Icon on the Desktop You can add an icon on the desktop leading straight to the log in page.
  • Bookmark on the Bookmarks Bar I helped a customer with this just yesterday. You can add a link right underneath the address bar of any browser for quick access. Type Ctrl D to add a bookmark and then sort it to the bookmarks bar. Make the bookmark bar visible by clicking the bookmarks button on your browser and then the selection to view the bookmarks bar.
  • Make the Log In Page Your Home Page You can set the browser’s home page to our website’s login page.
  • Outlook Reminder MY FAVORITE!! Probably the best idea I’ve heard was from one of my co-workers. She set a reminder on her email program so that when she brought up Outlook in the morning, a message would pop up reminding her to log in to the chat system. Check out this tutorial to learn how to set a reminder in Outlook. I was the worst at remembering to log in and this tip completely solved my problem!
  • Smartphone Alarm I have my cell phone on my desk when I work so setting a repeating alarm on my phone works pretty well for me too. Employees can set an alarm not only for the morning but also for the afternoon when they come back from lunch.

Withhold Payment for Un-tracked Hours

This may sound unfair at first, but since when are employees paid for time they don’t report? I guarantee that your employees would remember to punch the clock very quickly if they knew they weren’t getting paid if they didn’t.

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