5 Time Tracking Features to Start Using Now

Small business owners making the switch to online time tracking end up loving their decision. Online time tracking is so easy to use and so very cost effective. Employers manage the company’s time and expenses from anywhere and employees punch the clock from approved locations and only when they’re actually present. All of this convenience and accuracy serves to save companies a lot of money.

But while those new to their new employee management software enjoy every minute of it, they don’t necessarily know all of the awesome, time-saving features it has to offer. Here are 5 must haves to get started using right now:

1. Account Codes

Account Codes can be used for several purposes:

  • Tracking spending behaviors for expenses
  • Tracking different pay rates for employees
  • Tracking project sub-tasks
  • Tracking time spent on job types

For example, let’s say a tile and granite shop wants to analyze how much time and money the company spends in marketing, fabrication, installation, and administration. These categories can be added as Account Codes so that any employee working in any of these categories can track their time spent in that department. Then, the administrator can run reports to analyze how much total time was spent in all departments and how they compare to each other. An administrator can set up Account Codes in the left menu and then customize them on each employee’s settings page.

2. Photo TimeStamp

Large companies, or companies whose manager is not always physically present, need a way to ensure that their employees are clocking in for themselves and only themselves. The practice of ‘buddy punching’, as it is called, is what some dishonest employees do when no manager is around to see them punch the clock for their friends. Saving a photo along with each clock punch ensures the identity of the employee clocking in. The main administrator of the account can set up the premium feature by calling our customer service team or by clicking My Account in the upper right hand corner and adding the feature. Then customize the settings further in the Setup Wizard.

3. Human Resources Docs

For companies that don’t have a Human Resources department, we offer a set of documents that companies can use to keep track of employee performance. The Human Resources section also offers a place to keep private notes about employees.

4. Accruals Tracking

Most companies offer time off benefits for their employees. Timesheets.com tracks each employee’s time off bank, offering three separate, customizable categories, like sick, vacation, and PTO. There are also three more non-accruable categories for things like bereavement, holiday, or jury duty pay. Employees can make time-off requests on their own and the company calendar shows all of these entries for scheduling. The system is so flexible and convenient, most of our customers use this feature!

5. Supervisors

Our cloud based time tracking software allows for three user classifications: Administrators, which have full account control; employees, which have access only to their own record sheets and personal reports; and supervisors, which lie somewhere in between. Supervisors can approve time or do other duties to help take the load off the manager, and their settings can be customized in great detail so that they never have too much or too little command. An employee can be made a supervisor on the employee’s main settings page. Don’t forget to look over the Supervisor’s Settings Page. A new supervisor has no special access by default.

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