2014 Features In View

2013 Feature Updates

2013 was a great year for Timesheets.com. We implemented some big features that add to the overall sophistication of our time tracking service. For example, earlier in the year we added the Customers feature in which users could link Customers to Projects and Account Codes. This feature was a big deal to our project time users because it added a deeper level to project tracking. In addition, timers could be paused upon clock out and run simultaneously.

Later in the year there was the big update to the Payroll feature (click for more information on all of the November features). Single employees can now be removed and added to payroll reports and salaried employees are now included on the pay period report. The pay period can now be set in the system for a quicker process.

We also added a brand new comp time feature in which administrators can dole out employee overtime into a comp time category. The feature simplifies the process so that no numbers need to be written down or added up. Simply select which hours you want to move from overtime to comp time and save your work.

We added more features than can be listed here. 2013 was an exciting year for us!

2014 Planned Features

For 2014 we have even more exciting features planned. We are already deep in the process of adding geolocation (GPS) to time punches. This feature will be so powerful that administrators will be able to run reports on the location of their employes and view a map with the location of all clock punches within a radius. There will never be any question again as to where employees were when they clocked in.

We will also be adding text notifications and even more email notifications alerting administrators of things like approaching overtime and unauthorized clock punches. We will be upgrading the calendar functionality to include an employee view of time off so that employees can schedule their time off in an informed manner.

We are really excited about the coming changes. Sign up for a free Trial to get a peek at what we have to offer!

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