Business Math Series: Probability of a White Christmas

White Christmas ProbabilityFor our business math topic this week, let’s discuss probability and how it relates to a white Christmas!

The NOAA provides a map showing the probability that any city in the US will have up to an inch of snow on the ground on Christmas day. These numbers are figured from the collected data of the last three decades.

Areas in the grey are not likely to get snow on Christmas. Areas in the dark blue have about a 50% likelihood. And areas in the white, like along the Rocky Mountains, have a 90-100% chance of seeing a white Christmas.

Probability Of Snow Fall in Your City

The probability that any city may or may not see snow on Christmas day is based on average snow fall statistics. Denver, CO, for example, has seen an inch of snow on the ground 43 times in the last 113 years, giving us a probability of snowfall this Christmas of 38%, or 43/113.

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