Announcing Software Update With Lots of New Features

Primary updates:

  • Closing pay period reports now include both salaried time and hourly time combined in a single process.
  • When closing a pay period, you can now use pre-selected dates, custom dates (as before), or even add selected employees into an existing payroll report.
  • The clock-out time is now set forward to include the time it takes to add notes or make other modifications.
  • Project timers are now paused upon clock out! There is a checkbox to disable this feature in My Account Settings. The default for all accounts will be to pause the timers. On the clock out page, the number of paused projects will be displayed.
  • The Status Update feature has been upgraded so you should give it a try! A “new entries” flag is now visible without opening the window. Also, important updates can now be “starred” for easy reference.
  • The hourly time approval process has been separated from the close pay period process. It is now a process of its own with a button of its own in the left menu.
  • You can now archive customers, projects, account codes, vendors and events en mass from their respective lists instead of just one at a time.
  • Most dropdowns have been updated to become searchable. Click on the magnifying glass icon next to the drop down selector to enable search.
  • It is now possible to archive hourly time instead of closing it out in a pay period report.
  • Receipts can now be uploaded to the expense form on the mobile site.

Secondary features and enhancements in this release:

  • The clock is now visible on mobile devices and “hours today” counts down in real-time on devices like iPhone and iPad.
  • User state is now remembered. (i.e. If on you’re on the Archives tab for Jim’s timecard, click away and then return to the timecard, you should still be on the Archives tab.)
  • There is a note about Arizona and Hawaii in the time zone list.
  • User ID is now displayed in My Account Settings.
  • The Customers selection is now in the main Features tab of the Setup Wizard and not on the Company tab.
  • Payroll report now shows GRAND TOTAL of pay to employees.
  • Overtime can now be converted to comp time. Go to Time Off Ledger and click the button Comp Time Ledger button, select the pay period you want to edit, and follow the steps.
  • Pay period reports can be deleted sequentially backwards as before, but now employees can be removed individually from the most recent pay period report in which they appear. You can now single out an employee by selecting them from a drop down menu at the top of the page.
  • We added a user history page to view audit trail changes to a user’s profile settings.
  • We added a new “overlapping records” report for current employees to prevent duplicate records.
  • Preliminary pay period report now has weekly totals on the expanded employee view.
  • Added total fixed and variable pay totals to the payroll report.
  • Consolidated downloads on pay period reports page. All downloads including PDF now show up under the downloads link.
  • Time-off and pay total columns are now hidden on the pay period reports if they are disabled and if they have no values other than 0.
  • Added “Table Sorting Disabled” feature that disables table sorting for larger reports to prevent crashing the browser when a very large report is requested.
  • Other various enhancements to improve the speed and reliability of the service.

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