Prevent Pre-Shift Clock In And Reduce Overtime

By StockImages from Freedigitalphotos.netAs a manager you are probably really irritated by unapproved and unnecessary overtime. You know the situation: You’re managing employee time sheets – budgeting payroll and making sure overtime is down. You’ve perfected the schedule so that your employees won’t make overtime and you can afford your payroll at the end of the period. But somehow your employees sabotage your efforts.

When employees clock in before their scheduled shift, they start accumulating minutes. These minutes add up to hours and eventually this tip them into overtime. You don’t want your employees earning overtime when you have an adequate workforce of full-time and part-time employees.

If setting a schedule isn’t enough, you can use your account to control overtime. Each individual employee’s account can be set to restrict clock in before the scheduled shift.

On the employee’s Settings->Options page, you will just set the shift setting in the Overtime Controls section of the page. When your employee logs into her account before her scheduled shift, the clock in button will be disabled until her shift starts and a notice will read: “Clocking in is only allowed between 9:00 AM-5:00 PM.” (or whatever time you set for the shift)

shift settings

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