Employee Outsources His Work To China

In the news today was a funny yet disturbing story about a top notch employee who outsourced his own work to China.

The employee himself made a couple of hundred thousand dollars working as a software developer, but he wasn’t actually the one doing the work. He paid a firm in China $50,000/year to do it all for him. While his Chinese counterpart was working, the American employee surfed the web.

I don’t know how this went unnoticed by his co-workers but, more importantly, it is frightening that it went unnoticed by the company itself. You see, the Chinese worker was logging into the company’s database from an unauthorized IP address in Shenyang China.

Verizon was hired to investigate and found the evidence they were looking for on the employee’s computer – hundreds of invoices to China and the employee’s web surfing history. Apparently, the employee spent his days watching cat videos and browsing eBay.

This could have been prevented if the company would have just monitored their security log.

Timesheets.com has an IP log that employers can check to be sure its employees are where they say they are. While it isn’t likely that an employee will actually outsource his or her work, at least the IP address trail will ensure that employees are at work when they say they are.

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