Payroll Reporting: Check Date Versus Pay Period Dates

You’ll be doing your end of year payroll reporting soon and we know this can sometimes be confusing, so we’d like to offer a tip on how to make it more accurate.

2012 Working Hours May Not Equal 2012 Payroll

The dollars you report for 2012 may not exactly mirror the number of hours worked by your employees. This is because the date the check was written is what matters for payroll reporting.

So if your employees want to work overtime for some extra holiday cash, or if you’re planning on giving out holiday bonuses, make sure that the check date is for 2012. If you write checks dated 2013 for bonuses, commissions, or hours worked in 2012, they will need to be reported on 2013’s payroll tax returns and W2s.

If you have any questions about this feel free to contact us!

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