Encourage Timesheet Compliance With Software Features and Incentive

Some employees have a really hard time with time sheets. For hourly employees, the paycheck is dependent upon punching the clock so, generally, they clock in and out without too much trouble. A time sheet or invoice is equally important for contractors, since, without hours listed in detail, no paycheck will be forthcoming. But for salaried project employees the situation is often a little different. They can expect a paycheck regardless of whether they’ve turned in a completed time sheet.

There are a couple of ways to encourage employees to submit time sheets:

  1. Efficient time sheet software
  2. Rewards as incentive

Software Features That Make It Easy

When timesheet software is easy to use, employees will be much more likely to enter their time. The referenced article describes some specific features that make entering time easier. We offer a lot of these.

For example, our mobile app and multiple device support eliminates accessibility excuses. Our automation features like preset Projects, Tasks, and Vendors make time entry quick. The manual entry form remembers selections, making repeated entries quick and easy. Our three entry methods appeal to most workers with timers being particularly efficient. We’ll look at these in detail.

Three Ways To Enter Project Time on Time Sheets

  • Throughout the day employees can keep our time tracking tab open on their browsers and simply start and stop timers as they start and stop various tasks.

  • At the end of the day an employee can enter time for projects one by one using the manual entry form.

  • At the end of the week employees can enter all of their time using our handy week view.


We try to take the hassle out of time sheets by offering these various options but, let’s face it, some employees will still rebel. This is where incentive comes in handy. Reward employees when they fill out their time sheets!

Some companies have already implemented the time sheet incentive idea, including JWT and Casa who offers free beer at the end of the week if all employee time sheets are completed. They documented this comical incentive with a video.

While beer may not have a place in every workplace, there is surely some kind of incentive that does. Some other ideas include:

  • Coffee gift cards
  • Leave early on Friday
  • Work from home one day the following week
  • Free lunch


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