Small Business Applications Review: HotSchedules

If you are in the restaurant industry – or any highly dynamic field where schedules change quickly and constantly – you need a scheduling system that can match those demands.

We discovered HotSchedules after they started using our software for their own company’s time tracking needs. Obviously, we don’t have to worry about the dynamic schedules of the restaurant business here at, but I wanted to check out their software anyway because a lot of our customers do. And boy, I’m glad I did. It is awesome software!

HotSchedules isn’t just a spreadsheet of simple schedules, the sophisticated software helps prevent overtime by keeping track of employee’s accumulated hours each week. It accommodates last minute schedule changes by checking up to date availability instead of sorting through sticky notes, emails, phone messages, etc. Messages for requests and confirmation of changes are automatically sent to managers and employees. The software also helps to keep the restaurant on budget by not over-scheduling.

The price is good too. It costs only $35 for a team of up to 25 – pretty reasonable for all you get.

I can only imagine how useful this kind of software could be for a restaurant. Too bad it wasn’t around back when I was in college. Maybe more of my time off requests would have been accepted because the poor manager would have been less confused!

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