A Timeclock Service for Outsourcing Agencies

Timesheets.com directly serves thousands of small businesses across the country but it also serves agencies who need to provide their own small business clients with a timeclock solution.
Payroll companies, Human Resources outsourcing firms, and Staffing agencies all have a need to offer time & attendance solutions to their clients in order to maintain their roll as full service agencies. Rather than sending their clients off into deep waters to fend for their own timekeeping needs, these companies come to us to set up a time tracking account for their clients.

The Strategy
There is no right or wrong way for this type of set up. Needs vary between agencies, but here are some ways in which a few of our customers have customized their accounts for their own specific needs.

  • Payroll outsourcing services often include addons beyond calculating payroll and taxes. They may offer direct deposit, analytical reports, and a web time clock service. Offering a trusted time clock like ours for a little extra cost not only helps their customers streamline their business but makes payroll processing easier on them. One such company we have worked with, called MasterPay USA, set up their time clock account so that the payroll processor is the main administrator and each of their clients is designated as a supervisor. The account view of each of those supervisors is limited to only those employees within their own company. This way, the payroll processor can manage as many clients as need be all from within one account.
  • Staffing Agencies send out temporary employees to the clients they work with. The workforce is hired and paid by the staffing agency but employees log time at the company where they do the work. To avoid the burden of gathering and entering time sheet data for all temporary employees, the staffing agency will often provide a web-based time sheet like ours which the entire workforce can use from wherever they’re working. The set up for the time sheet account can vary, but since employees work at a variety of locations, the agency often assigns supervisors to approve time sheets before finally closing out the payroll. Epoch Staffing Services is a company we work with who manages all of their temporary employees under one time clock.
  • Human Resources Outsourcing Firms do everything from benefits, payroll, safety compliance, workers compensation, to time tracking. While working with Marathon HR Services we determined that they would recommend our time clock to their clients and then set themselves up as one of our affiliates. This way the client is responsible for the monthly dues while the firm receives a cut for the referral.

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