Mobile Tracking or Location Restricted Tracking – It’s Up To You

Different Folks, Different Strokes
The needs of our customers varies. No single setting could possibly fit them all. That’s why we have a variety of restriction options to suit the range of small business needs.

1. Web Based For Remote Employees
Timesheets are on the web! Our software is fully web based. That means no software to install and no unrecorded hours for traveling employees. Leave the system totally open so your employees can clock in anywhere there is an Internet connection.

2. Mobile Time Tracking
When employees are out of wifi range, they can still clock in and out with their smartphones. Our Apple Staff Pick Mobile App supports all Web browsing devices. Simply visit and log in to our secure server. Then use our sleek design to clock in/out and enter project time. It couldn’t be easier than that.

3. Location Restricted
If you worry about your office bound employees clocking in from home or from their cars while they’re stuck in traffic, use our location restriction settings to keep them honest.

a. IP Lockdown

We’ve made it easy to set this up by showing your own IP address right on your screen. All you have to do is enter it in to the fields provided and save. You can add as many locations as you wish.

b. Workstation Lockdown
If your IP address is dynamic, meaning it might change without notice, you can’t use the IP Lockdown so we’ve created the Workstation Lockdown instead to restrict access to a single computer. You can add as many computers as you like and manage them as needed.

4. Individual Bypass For Those You Trust
Not all employees within a single company follow the same rules. By changing an employee’s settings you can allow them to clock in from anywhere, hence bypassing this restriction.

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