QuickBooks Connect for Your Laptop, Blackberry, and iPhone

Many of our time clock users also use QuickBooks since payroll data can be easily imported into the desktop version of the popular payroll software. QuickBooks users will be pleased to hear that they can also access their QuickBooks on the go to view a customer’s information or invoice status while out of town. With QuickBooks Connect, you can sync your QuickBooks data with your laptop or your iPhone and view current data anytime, anywhere.

From the QuickBooks website:
Online you can view, create and edit customer information and invoices. Also view and create estimates, sales receipts and payments. Access your item and vendor lists and view purchase orders, bills and bill payments. Quickly see how your business is doing with snapshot reports and a pulse of recent business activity. On your phone view and create customers, invoices and sales receipts. Email transactions to your customers and quickly see open balances and overdue invoices.

You can sign up for the cloud-based application on the QuickBooks Connect Workplace App Center. There is a monthly fee for this service.

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