A Timeclock for Your Salesforce.com Account

 What is Salesforce.com?Salseforce.com is an online software which tracks customer leads, contacts, and conversations while making them available to other employees within a company. Salseforce.com is a handy platform for customer relations management.

It works as an online platform to manage data in real-time so that when one user logs a conversation, an email, or a meeting, those notes become instantly available to all users. Customer conversations no longer go forgotten or unreported, customer contacts are all stored in one location and, since the release of Chatter, employees can even discuss strategies and leads with one another. It is powerful communication software designed to land sales and organize company communications.

Manage the Employees That Use Salesforce.com

Salseforce.com also offers something called the AppExchange where companies can install additional software tailored to a company’s specific needs. TimeclockOnline.com is the time tracking application offered on the AppExchange. This brilliant integration allows employees to clock in to work when they login to Salseforce.com, which is usually the first thing an employee does in the morning. This makes it easy to remember to clock in or to record tasks and projects.

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