New Reports and Other Upgrades

There were some big changes with our recent update that many of you have been eagerly awaiting. We’ve added a new Post-Payroll Report and have finally added the Company Calendar! Also, it’s now easier to take and store photos for your employee’s records.

Reports Changes
There are two changes on the Reports page to be aware of: Customizable Reports and the Company Calendar. 

Customizable Reports:
The old “Custom Reports” under the Hourly Reports has been broken down into two, more descriptive customizable reports: Pre-Payroll and Post-Payroll or, more specifically, “Raw Hourly Time Reports” and “Processed Hourly Time Reports.” The Pre-Payroll is actually the old “Custom Reports” and the “Post-Payroll” is our newest report.  The Post-Payroll Report compiles the data on the hourly time cards before any special payroll instructions are applied, like lunch deductions, overtime, PTO, and rounding. Separating the reports takes the confusion out of the difference between a Payroll Report and our old Custom Reports.

Of course, the best way to view payroll hours is by closing out payroll using the Close Payroll button in the Hourly menu!

Company Calendar:
The calendar is finally here! Now you can view daily employee activity in calendar format and click on individual dates to automatically run reports. A link can be found on the Reports page. When you run the report, you will notice the number and classification of all logged hours for each day. This helps a company budget and prepare for payroll as well as plan for time off requests. Check it out. It is a really sleek and useful feature!

Other Reports Changes:
One additional change on the Reports page is that parameters are now temporarily saved so that when you hit the back button, you won’t have to re-enter your sorting preferences.

Upload Your Photo
We’ve added a new way to upload an employee photo. Instead of using an existing image on the hard drive you can now use a webcam. From an administrator’s page, have employees snap a picture of themselves with the webcam. Just hover your mouse over the picture box on an employee’s Timecard or Settings page and select “Take Webcam Photo” from the upper right Edit box.

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