Upcoming and Recent Updates

Time sheet modification alerts are no longer one sided. Now when supervisors make changes to records, employees will receive a notification of the change. Employees have always been able to view changes in the audit trail but since it is a trail of events underneath each time stamp (you have to click the plus sign to the left of the time stamp to see it), changes could have gone unnoticed. Since the time sheet is so valuable both to employer and employee, it just makes sense that both should be privy to changes. Plus, these new alerts can help forestall disputes down the road about modifications that weren’t approved or discussed.

A termination date to archived employees is now included in the archive data of an employee. To view the exact date that an employee was terminated, view the Directory located in the left hand menu and observe the termination date in the column beside the employee’s name.

There will be another another big update coming in November which will include a calendar for viewing accumulated hours, scheduled time off, etc. You will see additional reporting functionality, and the clock in/out button will be replaced by two buttons – one for clocking in and another for clocking out. Look forward to these and more changes. As the release date approaches I will post more details.

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