Workstation Lockdown: The Coolest Time Tracking Security Feature in the Industry!

Workstation Lockdown offers a new feature to add to our security features. It’s not the highest security feature in the industry – fingerprint and palm reader technology definitely have it beat – but it is free, reliable, and high tech! Think of it as locking down a computer, instead of an office, for use by your employees. This basically means that the computer/s you authorize will be “fingerprinted” so as to deny access to clock in from any other computers (or mobile phones).
How it Works
The technology behind this is what makes it so cool. It’s a little like taking your fingerprint and then comparing all the little lines in your finger to a picture of all the little lines in your finger. Essentially, our system collects anonymous data from your computer (the little lines in your finger), like which browser you’re using and how many programs you have installed, etc. This is data that you actually give anonymously to every single web page that you visit. And, if you give us permission, we will use that pretty much worthless data to fingerprint your workstation. You have to let us first, though, by clicking the button Authorize This Computer. Then, each time your employees log in, we will compare that computer with the “computerprint” we have on file.
Using the Feature
You can add as many computers or even browsers on the same computer as you like, in fact, we encourage you authorize more than one. The administrator is always free to use any computer. And if you make any big changes to your computer, like you install or un-install any programs, you’ll need to take a new fingerprint.If you want to give this new feature a try, visit your Setup Wizard under the Administration menu and go to the Security tab. There is a little bit more to read about when you get there so be sure to follow the directions! This feature is in beta and so if you encounter any problems with it please let us know so that we can get it fixed right away.

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