Employees Like Contemplating Their Timesheets

Let’s face it, we go to work to get paid. While work is great (for some of us) it’s not necessarily something we want to be doing 8 hours a day. But we are motivated to work because we need and want the money.

You can bet that your employees think about their paychecks frequently. If their hours vary from week to week, they might keep track daily to project what their final paycheck will be. It’s often important for them to consider if they need to make up some hours or whether they might luck out this week with some overtime.

Hourly employees are not rich, and often plan their near future on the next paycheck, even before it arrives. Making it easy for your employees to know what to expect at the end of the period will make them more motivated – more willing to work and earn their living.

All a manager needs to do to facilitate this motivation is to sum the total hours worked for the week on a daily basis, using a real-time tracking software like Timesheets.com. This way the employee can watch the hours add up and anticipate the thing that keeps them motivated to show up and do a great job.

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