Timesheets.com is now DCAA Compliant!

All government contractors must adhere to a set of guidelines regarding proper financial management. These guidelines, which include employee time tracking, are required and implemented by the United States government to ensure accuracy and verity. Contractors must follow a checklist of guidelines while simultaneously utilizing an approved time tracking product. Our advanced auditing capabilities, which are built right in to the software, make DCAA compliance easy for government contractors.

With the recent features upgrades to our already advanced time keeping system we are now able to serve contractors for the Department of Defense. Very few time keeping systems available are able to meet the stringent regulations of the DCAA and provide services for the elite group of government contractors. Timesheets.com achieves compliance by offering the highest level of standards. Some of these features include:

  • Comprehensive audit trail, documenting ALL changes made to an employee’s time card and by whom they were made
  • Secure, accurate, and replicated data
  • Mandatory password changes every 90 days
  • Supervisor approval for all manual time entries
  • Restriction of supervisors from adding, editing, or deactivating employees

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