13 Online Applications to Get Organized Once and For All

Years ago I knew an entrepreneur in the construction industry who needed some serious help organizing his life and business. I remember seeing stacks and stacks of paper on the two desks in his office. I tried helping him sort through his papers and found bills months overdue, threatening letters, outdated offers – important papers amidst countless unimportant ones. The filing cabinets in the home office were mostly empty but for a few old and irrelevant records; the trucks were out on the roads uninsured, unregistered, or both; the mortgage payments on his two houses were not even covering interest.

If only he had known that he could have used his blackberry and laptop to keep track of just about all of his business and personal needs. Just about everything one needs to keep track of can be done with online applications nowadays. There are thousands of them out there to help with everything from customer leads to finance to organizing your home library. Mashable compiled a comprehensive list of 100+ applications to organize everything under the sun. If you have time to sift through this tome, however, check out my short list which includes apps that most of us can use.

Keep track of employee time: Timesheets.com
Track communications and business leads: HighRise
Do-it-yourself bookkeeping software: Outright.com
Share and keep track of to do lists, notes, and calendars: HipCal
Organize and promote online identities: ProfileFly
Set and keep track of personal goals: Destiny Goals
Log your exercise routine, calories, number of times you eat out, etc.: Joe’s Logbook
Gather and organize all online accounts including financial and cell phone:  Pageonce
Keep track of how you spend (and loan) your money:  Buxfer
Put any list into alphabetical order:  The Alphabetizer
Organize and store passwords and all your sensitive data:  Clipperz
Gather and organize notes:  Luminotes
Bookmark sites to view later:  LaterThis

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