Running Things Smoother Pays For Itself

Let’s face it, people are fallible. We make mistakes, we’re messy, we lose track of time, we often disagree, we sue each other left and right, and sometimes we even lie. Wouldn’t it be great if we could reduce some of this dysfunction – in the office at least? Fortunately we can, and we had better if we are to survive. All of these problems can add up, rendering employees as much of a liability as they are a service. Some of the better online applications out there are capable of saving an office so much money that they essentially pay for themselves.

How these faults affect your payroll and how online time tracking circumvents them:

We make mistakes – Adding up the timesheets on the calculator in the evening on an empty stomach, and then subtracting taxes, accounting for overtime and vacation pay is a long, bi-monthly process, and a catalyst for mistakes. Doing it by hand, you can end up overpaying (costly) or underpaying (embarrassing). All of this can be easily avoided by letting computers take over the tedious work – they don’t make calculation errors any time of day or night.

We’re messy – Records get misplaced, forgotten, and duplicated. When it comes to sick and vacation time this can be so frustrating that employees can end up quitting or being fired. The relatively small amount of time that employees earn to take off each year is precious to them, setting the stage for fearful disputes. By letting a program like track and calculate the accruals for you, employees have full access to view hours taken and remaining. With such an organized system there will be no more confusion and hence, no disputes (over time tracking anyway).

We lose track of time – Some employees won’t quit working and others just stand around. The first may be a godsend under certain circumstances, but may also mean paying overtime for work that really wasn’t urgent. Of course, the second is a waste of any company’s money and should be thwarted at all costs. With the specific employee settings on you can restrict the shift start and end so that employees must go home in the evening and pick up again in the morning.

We have disagreements – When employees fill in their time card at the end of the week and are expected to remember the exact hours they worked for each day, unless they are superheros, they are going to have to fudge a day or two. If you’ve been watching them come and go all week, you are probably going to disagree with their fallible memories. But if this is the system that’s in place, what can you expect? Using a powerful online time tracking tool like can dissolve any grounds for an argument over comings and goings.

We sue each other left and right – We can’t really stop you from getting sued but we can save your tail in court with precise and complete records. We document every time stamp and every change made to those timestamps on our database. You can even require signatures so that your employees agree to the hours that they are paid for. Signed HR docs like termination letters and performance reviews can also be helpful in court.

We lie – I don’t want to point fingers, but some people just aren’t telling the truth, and others, well, it’s hard to tell one way or the other. People have come up with all sorts of clever tricks to increase the hours on their time cards and we at know them all. The really bad employees among us recruit friends to clock in for them when they’re late. They hang around on the clock, adding up fifteen minutes or more per day. They write incorrect hours on the time sheet. They clock in from their laptops in the car. Our biometric options can prevent friends clocking in for friends. Clock in/out restrictions prevents employees from deliberately padding their time sheet. The simple act of clicking the clock in button prevents employees from falsifying hours. And, with our software, you can restrict the locations where employees clock in.

The myriad online business applications available these days are making great strides in cleaning up dysfunctional offices. They make it easy to be organized. Online tools can help you reduce arguments and forestall over payments to your employees. In the end, you’ll be saving so much, it pays for itself – not to mention the health benefits you’ll receive by reducing stress!

For a real world example of the ROI of using check out my post ROI of Online Time Tracking.

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