New features this week: Adding Pay Rates to Project Timesheets

Newly released and up and coming features

We’ve just added pay rates (based on account codes rather than project bill rates) to the project time sheets view. This allows for both the pay rate and bill rate to be viewable on the project time sheet and project reports. We’ve also hidden pay and bill rate information from employee views, so they no longer see that information when entering time. will now have the ability for employees to enter projects into the system, but only with the proper permissions set by admins in the employee settings. This will prevent employees from entering in new projects unless specifically granted that right by their administrator.

Status Updates and Messaging

Facebook-like status updates are coming to an account near you! This means that soon you’ll be able to enter status updates that the rest of the employees can see on the company wall. Along those lines, messaging will be coming to along soon, so you’ll be able to send internal messages to employees. Look for that sometime in March.

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