Use Timesheets to Estimate Payroll

Monitoring estimated payroll throughout the pay period is important to many small business owners. Seeing that your employees are working the hours required to get the job done is essential for peace of mind. You can do this and more with! There are several other situations in which employers must closely monitor accumulated hours:

Overtime is Expensive. Many employers don’t want their employees to accumulate overtime. By monitoring their time cards in real-time you will see when they start approaching 40 hours. If they hit it before the week is up, you can give them the next day off to save paying them time and a half. We have recently implemented several overtime busters set up in within our software to help alert you so that you rarely even need to check back.

Productivity Analysis. Many employees work on various projects throughout the day. By keeping track of all these different projects daily or even hourly, a boss can decide if his employees are using their time wisely.

Tight Budget: It just might not be feasible to pay the crew for a heavy week. This kind of thing happens frequently in the construction industry where they routinely do thousands of dollars worth of work weeks or months before getting paid for it. The construction company has to pay for the equipment, material, and the labor long before they see a check from the general contractor. If the crew is in the Union, payroll can cost more than all the materials put together, so the boss has to be really careful about how many hours his guys work. Without online time tracking, he has little more than a vague idea as to how many hours they have worked by Friday. If he knew, he might just opt to send them home as he waits to see a little of the money trickle in from the General Contractor.

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