Categorize to Simplify Payroll Calculations

One of our customers recently brought up an interesting scenario. He wondered if our software could make his payroll easier for him. He was willing to pay us to implement some customizations for his company but, much to his surprise, that was totally unnecessary. has the solution built right in!

The scenario:
A group of anesthesiologists work some rather trying schedules and the boss compensates them fairly for their extra work.

The employees receive a regular pay rate for normal daytime hours, a higher pay rate for hours worked after 8pm, and an even higher rate for hours worked on the weekends. None of these employees make the same rate of pay so the manager was afraid he would have to set up default pay rate values for each employee under each category of pay. For over 25 employees, that would be a lot of work!

The solution is actually much simpler.

If a group of employees make different rates of pay for different days of the week, for different times of the day, or for different jobs “Account Codes” can be set up to classify those distinctions.

When an employee clocks in/out, they should select the appropriate classification from the drop down menu. At the end of the pay period, the manager can run a custom, Pre-Payroll report for each employee and then group by Account Code. This will show exactly how many hours were worked in each category and how much is owed for each pay rate.

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