The ROI of Online Time Keeping

Let’s say you have an employee that makes $10/hour. One week that employee pencils in an extra ten minutes on Monday morning’s timecard because she was stuck in traffic and then rounds up 10 minutes on Wednesday because she slept in; she just cost you your morning latte. No big deal, right? We buy people coffee all the time. But the story rarely ends here.

Not only will this employee continue to pad her timecard but so will the rest of your crew. If you have five employees averaging $10/hour adding just three minutes each day on the way in and three minutes on the way out, you are paying each of them for an extra half hour per week. That’s just over two hours per month.

For all five of your employees you are spending an extra $100/month or $1200/year. The service at only costs $25/month for 5 employees. That’s a savings of $75/month. And don’t forget that your workforce is now more productive and that you are free to attend to more important tasks. There ROI is obvious.

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