Required Employee Training Online Tracking

Contributed by Danielle Feiger, Senior Sales Manager at

There are many reasons and instances in which a business would need to track employee training.  Many times, employees need to maintain training to stay up-to-date on changes in their industry or require it for their profession. If you’re tracking your employees’ time online, you should track their training online, too.
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How to Keep Track of California Sick Days

Accruals tracking in Timesheets.comThe California paid sick leave requirement is here! While you should have been preparing for the new law since January, the law officially goes into effect today.

Starting today, employees in California who have worked more than 30 days are required to begin earning at least 24 hours of sick time per year, regardless of whether they work part time or full time.

Businesses need to keep accurate track of the time as it is used and accrued. That’s where our time tracking system can hep!
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Estimating the Last Few Days of the Pay Period Isn’t a Good Idea

634598_83855040Co-authored with Danielle Feiger

You’d almost be surprised that an employer would recognize the value in tracking accurate time (it saves a lot of money on payroll costs) and then, at the end of every pay period, estimate the hours for the last few days.

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Is Your Business Big Enough For Time Tracking Software?

resizedWe hear this question a lot: “I only have a few employees. Why should I bother with online time tracking?”

Interestingly, the majority of our customers are companies with under 10 employees so clearly there must be a good reason to bother. And indeed, there is. There are several.
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4 Signs You Are Under-Charging Your Clients

empty money bagFreelancers often start out (and end) charging too little for their services. It’s normal to feel like you’re asking too much – especially when your fee is more than you yourself have ever paid for anything – but businesses have bigger budgets than most individuals have so your desired price tag is probably fine. A couple thousand bucks is not as much money to them as it is to you.
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Our New Customer Support Section Is Live!

Support page

We believe customer service is key in providing a great product. That’s why we have always worked hard to provide our customers with quality support.

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From Freelancer to Entrepreneur

Building a business planA lot of people think freelancers and entrepreneurs are the same thing. While there are similarities between them – they are their own bosses and claim their “business” on their taxes – the two are distinctly different. This distinction is important to understand if a freelancer wants to expand the operation. Continue reading